Thursday, December 22, 2005

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

I decided the hippopotamus song is about American consumers.

Gayla Peevey doesn't need a hippo; it's an outrageous request. Seriously, what would anyone do with a hippo in their two car garage?

Like Gayla, the typical American consumer always wants more. Not because we need more, but because we want more. A bigger house, nicer car, new furniture, new clothes. And the list goes on.

But maybe this isn't just an American problem. When I was in India the new craze was camera cell phones. They didn't even have cell phone service in some areas and people had a camera phone. They had to have the latest and greatest (except indoor plumbing didn't seem to make the list....).

The need for acquiring more and more probably isn't just an American problem. We just have the resources to acquire a lot of stuff. This is probably a human problem. A selfish human problem.

And now that I am working full-time it's an attitude that I fight a lot.

I hope I get a hippo for Christmas!

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