Saturday, June 21, 2008

Over a year...

To celebrate our anniversary last weekend Ben and I went to my cousin's wedding and visited with my extended family. We know romance!

We also stayed at bed and breakfast that was beautiful but also kind of creepy. Not that they decorated it in any creepy way or anything. It was well lit it's just that old houses creep me out. It's hard to relax when you worry about turning around and seeing a ghost. I don't think that I should have ever watched The Others.

We reserved a whole suite with a pool table and a private porch. Because nothing says romance like a game of billiards (I won!). The porch was very nice and relaxing and we ate our old wedding cake out there. The wedding cake that we saved from our reception which wasn't a year ago, but rather 10 months ago. So I guess we got off better than most couples who get to eat year old cake.

Eating the old cake was interesting since Ben has developed an allergy to wheat. The whole ceremony of the cake consisted mainly of me eating it and telling Ben that it wasn't very good, it was rather dry, and he wasn't missing much. Ben licked his piece and then took a bite and surprisingly was not sick the next day. We refer to it as the miracle of the cake.

The suite were we stayed had a guest book for us to sign and because I am super lucky I opened it to the one page that should serve as an example for why you should not have a guest book:

Yes. It says "Our passion filled this room." After I read that I was afraid to touch anything in the room. Seriously, why would you write that? Who wants to know that? The owners? I doubt it. Future guests? I certainly did not. I disturbed me enough to take a picture of it and share it on my blog. Aren't you glad that I did?

At one point Ben realized that he had left his tennis shoes at my parents and so he had to go on a walk with me dressed like this (only he wasn't fuzzy in real life):

All in all it was a nice and relaxing anniversary.

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