Monday, September 10, 2007

Wedding celebration

I've never actually written about our wedding celebration. Oh my goodness was it fun! Like so much fun it should be illegal. We celebrated like crazy; we had a lot to celebrate. Our wedding. Ben was alive still. My mom was alive still and not only alive but walking and had hair! It was time to celebrate! And so we did. With dancing and friends and lots of laughter. I have never danced that much and meant it in my life! I loved our reception. Here are some pictures:

Bryan and Emily being all cute.

My parent's being all cute.

Ben and I being all whatever we are. In love?

My brother and sister. Bryan is quite the dancer.

More dancing.

Me watching Ben "bust a move".

Ben and I being cute. (Just be glad I left out the kissy pictures, ok?)

Oh how we had fun! God answered my prayer for a fun reception. The people who worked at the banquet hall even commented that they hadn't seen people celebrate like us before. Like I said, we had a lot to celebrate.

To end, here's a video of Ben and I cutting the cake. Ignore the fact that's it's like a baby cake, a wedding cake in training if you will. It looked bigger in the store, ok? I didn't think it would look so tiny on a mirror and a giant table.


And maybe not. I was going to load a video, but it didn't work out so well. Instead here's a picture of Ben and I getting out of the car at the reception hall. Much cooler and you don't get to make fun of my cupcake of a wedding cake.

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