Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2 months - An open Letter to my Husband


We have been married for 2 months now. 2 whole months! And we haven't killed each other! I'm good mostly because you let me steal the covers while I sleep. Thanks.

Tomorrow we leave for our honeymoon. We aren't sure how far we will get, what with the hurricanes and the earthquakes and the locusts that are invading Hawaii, but we are going to get on a plane and leave this place. We both need a break. Who knows were we will end up, but I'm excited to go with you. We've never traveled together, so this should be interesting. If I get cranky - just throw some apple juice and graham crackers at my face and let me calm down.

We got to celebrate our marriage with everyone this past weekend. You have taught me a lot of things; the most important being that dancing is just being willing to make a fool of yourself. I saw a new side of you this weekend on that dance floor. You are a crazy man! But oh so much fun. I am glad you got to do the worm (does anyone have a picture of that?) and got others to join you in the worm competition. I think everyone had fun celebrating with us at the reception.

I am glad that you continue to date me even after we are married. Like that time you took me out to McDonald's for breakfast stole my heart all over again. I feel very valued and loved. Thank you.

I wish I could write more, but I need to go shove some juice boxes in your suitcase, just in case.

I love you,

Your Wife

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