Sunday, August 05, 2007

Moving on...

So this weekend was my Grandma's 80th birthday party. AND WE DIDN'T BRING OUR CAMERA! I know. I suck as a blogger.

We all gathered at Meadow Lake Resort which is less resort-like and more state park campground-like. I am sure the place was in it's hey-day in the 1960's before water parks were really big. It has a small "lake" that houses many water activities that I think were outlawed in the 1990's but are pretty darn fun! It has metal water slides, tug of war platforms and diving platforms. Oh and mud and rocks! It was pretty fun swimming there. I think what made it enjoyable was the slight element of danger. Like at any moment the lifeguard was going to blow the whistle and tell us to stop having fun and just sit in the water already! But he didn't. He just kept flirting with the pretty blonde girl!

It was nice to see my family and catch up as well. The theme for this party was a Luau. (Well actually the theme was a Lu-wow because my Grandma's name is Lu, but that seemed like too much to explain so I just typed Luau but here I am explaining it anyways...) Somehow they got my Grandma to wear a grass skirt, coconuts and do the limbo. I know! The camera already!

We all cooked out, played games and just talked. It was a good time and a nice break from wedding planning. I look forward to partying with them all next weekend too!

Edited: My mom sent me this pictures of the "lake". Doesn't that look like fun?

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