Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home Again

We're back! We had a wonderful time in Hawaii, the hurricane didn't affect our plans one bit! We had great weather and a lot of adventures. I plan on writing about parts our trip later on. Some of the most interesting parts of the trip came from the people we met during it. Here a couple of the highlights:
  • The man checking out another woman while bike riding behind his wife. He suddenly remembered that he was newly married and jerked his head around and fingered his wedding band.
  • The honeymooning couple who got in a heated argument because he obviously didn't know how to take a picture of the waterfall and needed her detailed guidance. That one hit a little too close to home for Ben and I.
  • The woman bitterly complaining about how she just couldn't get a good steak on Kauai like she can in Chicago. Maybe because we are, I don't know, in the middle of the pacific and you really should try the fish instead. It's amazing.
  • The man explaining to us that we had taken his family's helicopter spaces and they had to take the less preferred copter. I might have felt bad if he had booked his flight 2 weeks in advance like we had instead of just the day before... but I'm just heartless.
  • The naked man sunbathing on the beach. The atmosphere was, needless to say, tense and we didn't stay long.
We had a blast and work will be hard to go back to tomorrow!

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