Thursday, August 30, 2007

More of Hawaii than I wanted to see

Let's talk about naked shall we? Specifically naked people I didn't want to see. Specifically naked people I did not want to see in Hawaii. Because I encountered way too many naked people on our trip.

First there was the red sand beach. The red sand beach was amazingly beautiful. The rich reds of the sand and the cliffs and the bright blues of the water. See how beautiful it is:

We had to hike along a sea cliff to get to red sand beach. The hike was pretty and that picture was taken just before we turned the corner to the red sand beach. When we did turn the corner we were startled, not by the brilliance of the colors, but by the naked man sunbathing on the beach! On conversation went something like this:

Andi: Ben! There's a naked man down there!

Ben: (Double take) Are you sure it's a man? (We were still pretty high up from the beach)

Andi: Yes it's a man. He has no boobs.

Ben: Well, do you want to go back?

Andi: No, I don't want to go back. I am not letting a naked man ruin my red sand beach.

So we went on down to the beach where the atmosphere was understandably tense. People weren't really talking. There was a wide area of empty beach around the naked man. No one was swimming I wanted a picture of the beautiful beach but not the naked man, so I made Ben stand in such way that he blocked the naked man. While I was positioning Ben, I noticed the topless woman off to the side. What is going on?! There was way too much nakedness! It ruined red sand beach for us. Now when we look at this picture of the beautiful red beach here is what we are thinking:

(Click to enlarge)

As soon as it started raining most of us took it as an excuse to leave the revealing beach and head to more modest views.

Which is when we ran into our next bought of too much skin. We headed to a waterfall down the road. There was one spot left to pull off the road and Ben had to back into it. As he was backing in I looked over to see a man standing between me and his car with a towel wrapped around his waist changing clothes! This would have been fine if I didn't see him drying between his butt cheeks! Or if I didn't have to stand near him to tell Ben how close he was to backing into the tree. Butt, whatever! At least he had a towel.

We walked over to the waterfall and it's was very lovely. Here's a picture of me being silly in front of it:

Looking back, that's an appropriate expression since once we walked closer to the falls we saw a large man swimming in the pool. A man that we aren't sure was clothed. There was just a whole lot of peach in that water. We had learned our lesson and left. We didn't want to be around to see if he was wearing clothes.

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