Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Computers, the environmnet and yuppies

I am gaining quite a reputation at work as a computer whiz. This is funny since once I deleted Windows Explorer because I used Firefox and didn't need it. For all of you who just thought that that sounds like a good idea let me explain the difference between Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer lets you read this blog. Windows Explorer controls your desktop and deleting it will remove your start bar and all your icons. You will need to reinstall windows to fix this.

Most recently I purposefully disabled the TCP/IP on my laptop while trying to connect to the coffee shop Wi-Fi. Again, some of you get the irony there and others of you don't know that the TCP/IP must be enabled to access the internet.

So it really is ironic that people come to me with computer questions. To prove to you how great a computer whiz I am, here's a list of all the things I've done to help:
  • Made 2-sided copies
  • Deleted a line in a pdf document
  • Copied only values into an Excel sheet
  • Changed the tab spacing in Word
  • Put a schedule into PowerPoint
  • Password protected an Excel sheet
You can see that I'm not terribly helpful with the computer and I certainly don't deserve the title of Computer Whiz, but I am going to ride this wave as far as it goes. Hopefully it lasts until review time...

But what I really want to know is why couldn't I be tested on these sorts of things when I interviewed? I mean seriously, Long Division? And while I know it's a mute point because I got the job, I think I could have showcased my skills better by formating a letter instead of dividing 456 by 12. I'm just saying....

In an unrelated note I've decided to stop using plastic bags. At all. I hate them. I hate how they sound. I hate how the clutter up the sink. I hate how they feel when they are wet. I hate how they get stuck under my car on the highway. I hate them and I don't think you are supposed to have that kind of a feeling toward a bag. So I'm not going to use them anymore. I'm using reusable bags instead. I've been using them for awhile at Kroger and I love them. They are so much easier to carry. And you get money off of your grocery bill for every bag you bring in at Kroger. I now have bags for other non-Kroger places. I think I will look like the hippy when I go clothes shopping with reusable bags, but if they won't use my bags, they won't get my money!

I stopped by the Wild Oats store near my work today and they are making it a company policy to stop using plastic bags by April 22, 2008. I wanted to hug them. Until I bought gluten free pretzels for $5.99. They should give me a resuable bag for free at that price....

Today while driving home in my convertible, wearing a visor, sipping my green smoothie and listening to a lecture on my iPod I realized that I fit a stereotype. And I'm not quite sure what to think about it....

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