Saturday, May 05, 2007

On Wal-Mart

Yesterday Wal-mart stole a little bit of my soul.

I hate Wal-mart. Not for it's questionable business practises, but for the sheer volume of stuff and people they cram into a single building. I hate the noise, the lighting, the bright yellow price tags and the vast femullet sightings. I do my best not to shop at Wal-mart, not for moral reasons, but for sanity reasons.

Unfortunately, the nearest store to Ben in Kentucky is a Wal-Mart. Target and K-mart are a good 40 minutes away. This is the biggest downside to moving to Kentucky.

Yesterday I needed to get Ben some stuff to make staying in his room more comfortable. Like food. I had to go to Wal-mart. I also needed to pick up some cotton pajama pants for Ben. Target sells all kinds of these. Plaid, solid colors, prints. Target has vast quantities of PJ pants for men.

Wal-mart only sells Nascar print pants.

That's when Wal-mart stole a little part of my soul. When I realized that I would have to buy Ben Nascar pants and he would have to wear them, a little part of me died. At that moment I hated Kentucky and Wal-Mart.

So I took them back to Ben, cut all the sleeves off his shirts and trimmed my hair to be all business in the front and a party in the back.

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