Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moving, but not really.

Everyone knows that the first rule of blogging is that you never write about your work, unless you enjoy being unemployed. You also never write mean things about people you know, unless you enjoy being hated. The people rule doesn't bother me so much as the work rule does because funny stuff happens at my work ALL the time. Like that one time? Yeah, that was funny. And that other time? Totally Dilbert-worthy. And then there was that ONE time. I still laugh really hard about that one.

But I can't write about those. Most of my week is spent doing things I can't blog about. That, my friends, is depressing. The only thing worse than not being able to blog about work is that up until recently, most of my week was spent underground away from people. And to an extrovert like me, that felt like it could be a layer of hell. However, this week I moved offices! I moved from a cave where I was isolated to an office with people! Not only are there people around my new office, but from my desk I can see a faint glow of natural light over the cubicle wall across from me. Clearly this is a step up. I am climbing that ladder of success. At least I thought so until my brother, who is an intern where I work, pointed out that he moved upstairs with the executives and he has an actual window in his office. Apparently the graphics department scored higher than the project administration department on the favored office scale. But I'm not complaining. I have people now. People who I want to hug and squeeze and name George.

I think I'll bake them brownies they are so awesome...

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