Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Wedding Story

So the photographers posted the cute pictures, I wanted to share one of my favorites from the wedding:

We just look so tough and angry. It looks like we are ready to kick some butt. Cracks Ben and I up. Seriously, do not mess with us.

Yesterday I did something completely embarrassing. So Ben's sister wrote on his car windows things like "honk for love" and "honk, Just Married" so people were honking at us a lot! It was kind of fun. Yesterday I ran out to get some food while Ben got ready. It's really awkward to drive a car labeled, Just Married by yourself. I wonder if people were trying to guess where the groom was.

Anyway, I was sitting at a stoplight and the guy behind me honked, which was nice. Then the light turned green and I started to go. Someone was honking CRAZY loud and long. I thought it was a bit excessive and kept driving. And then I realized that it was an ambulance honking to get me to clear the intersection. And I just kept driving.

I felt pretty stupid.

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