Saturday, June 09, 2007

So here's the plan

Since Ben and I had to move our wedding, all of our plans have kind of been up in the air. We finally got one nailed down and we hope nothing causes this one to change.

Our big ceremony and reception is going to be on August 11. That was the ONLY date this summer that both the photographer and the reception hall had open (except for a couple Sundays, but we didn't really want to have on Sunday).

We quickly realized that August 11th was too far away to wait to get married. I mean we were supposed to get married 2 weeks ago, who wants to wait another 2.5 months?! So we are actually, officially, getting married on Thursday, June 14. Why a Thursday? Because at least one person from our family is out of town for EVERY weekend in June.

Thursday will just be a small ceremony with our families at the park where Ben proposed to me (the first time). I'm looking forward to it. I'll get to wear my dress twice and I'll get married, because really, living by myself sucks. I need someone to help clean...

And if one more person asks why we aren't just waiting until August, or scoffs at our plans I will punch them in the head. Because really, you shouldn't mess with a girl who's been on the edge of getting married for about a month. That's just stupid.

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