Monday, September 03, 2007

New Couch!

Ben and I bought a new couch this weekend. Finally!!! I hate the couch we have. It's old, ugly, small and falling apart. The new couch is new, pretty, brown (yea!), comfy, big enough without being too big and not falling apart. We'll get it in 6-8 weeks (sad).

I am happy with the couch we bought. It was in our price range, as opposed to the other couches we liked that cost over $1,000. It's what I had pictured our new couch looking like. I like the couch, I do not like the sales guys we bought it from.

When I spend hundreds of dollars on something that I am going to use for years and years and years, I want to not only like the item I am buying, but also the person I am buying it from. When I was mattress shopping I knew I would not buy a mattress from Morris Furniture because of that rude sales lady. The creepy guy at Ashely furniture made up my mind about their mattresses. The friendly and informative sales guy at Original Mattress Factory not only had a good product to sell, but doing business with him was good as well. He got my sale.

I wish we could have bought a couch from the local department store. The sales guy there did a great job of explaining what to look for in a quality couch without pushing any particular model he was selling. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford the quality they provided.

We bought our couch from Chris. He wasn't very helpful, but wasn't pushy either, so I could overlook that. My buyers remorse set in after driving home and realizing that the cost of the warranty was more than what he had quoted us.

I called Chris up to see about getting the price adjusted. Not only was he not helpful, he was downright rude. The difference is only $20, and we probably would have purchased the warranty anyway, but it really frustrated me that he treated me the way he did. I ended the call by explaining I was unhappy with the situation and hung up on him. I know that was childish, but I couldn't be on the phone with him one second longer. I wasn't going to fight too hard over $20 so I considered the conversation over.

I am happy we bought the couch, I just wish we had bought it from some other sales rep. From one I would have liked. Because for the next ten years I don't want to sit on my couch and remember Chris and that $20.

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