Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How about the cost of the bread?

Things have been busy. Some things have been funny but personal. Others have been sad and personal and others have just been personal. But mostly everything has been tiring. It's been a tired week.

Which probably explains the following story:

Last night I had gotten back from an evening of errands and grocery shopping (which I HATE with a burning passion of a thousand hateful things). I informed Ben that I had gone over our grocery budget by $16 this month and that we are just going to have to eat what we have. That butternut squash we've been avoiding? Have to eat it! Soup that we don't like? Have to eat it! I also commented that I wasn't sure how to grocery shop on a budget.

And then cried, "And I BOUGHT THE WRONG SIZE BOX OF CHEERIOS!!!" While banging it against the cupboard over and over, trying to make it fit. My logic at that moment was dizzying.

Ben took the box from me and asked, "well were the Cheerios on sale?"

"Umm... I forgot to check. I was kind of speed-shopping."

"Well that's one way to NOT shop on a budget."

And then my head burst into flames and my eyes popped out. I think there was some yelling and some slamming of things and some threatening to "ONLY BUY KROGER-BRAND CEREAL BECAUSE IT'S ALWAYS ON SALE!" And then I think I began to pull things out of the grocery bags and comment on if they were on sale or not. "THE KIWIS WEREN'T ON SALE. CAN WE EAT THOSE? HOW ABOUT THESE BEANS? I THINK I PAID 2 CENTS TOO MUCH FOR THEM." I was winning Ben's heart all over again!

Ben just kind of stared at me in amazement and quietly said, "It was a joke. It's not a big deal. That's why I said it. I don't care if you spent an extra dollar on the cheerios." All while backing away from me slowly.

And then I realized he didn't mean it and I was overreacting and ha! wasn't this funny now? Let's laugh at ourselves! Except Ben still doesn't find it funny. He thinks I am still mad and refuses to joke about it. Maybe that's wise.

But I did buy Kroger-brand granola bars. I did do SOME price comparisons. I had one in my lunch today and it was not good. It tasted like an apple cinnamon explosion in my mouth. Kind of like an apple cinnamon starburst. With a hint of granoloa. Only I didn't want an apple cinnamon starburst granola bar. I wanted a granola bar with a slight hint of apple and cinnamon. Needless to say the cheap granola bars are a big let down.

So, the lesson from this is that I will only buy Ben Kroger-brand cereal if he makes me really, really mad.

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