Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A post in which I ramble

People frequently ask me how I like married life. I generally respond with something along the lines of, "very much, we have a lot of fun together and laugh a lot." This seems like an appropriate response and it's true. One of Ben's co-workers once made the comment that she wasn't too sure marriage was all that great which just kind of seems like it would make the conversation awkward and sad. Anyway, a surprisingly number of people act surprised that I enjoy being married and that we have fun. Because you know, that's why I got married. To be miserable. These people generally laugh and say something along the lines of "just wait 5 years, you won't have fun then." And what I want to know is WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? Why would you tell some newly married person that they are destined to be miserable? I mean even if you had a horrible marriage, shouldn't you just let that newlywed stay blissfully innocent? Do they think that this warning is going to help me? I mean shouldn't a warning like that come BEFORE you pledge the rest of your life to someone? Isn't after you say I do a little too late to be handing out that kind of advice? But I digress...

I think Ben I will have fun our whole marriage. That's our goal anyway. I mean we don't really fight. Well that's not true. We only fight when Ben goes out of his way to push my buttons. And he does. I mean why else would do things like leave all the blinds drawn when he leaves for work? BECAUSE IT DRIVES ME NUTS. That's why. But me, I am a great wife who never pushes Ben's buttons. Ben is lucky to be married to me.

We didn't fight very much when we were dating either. I can think of 3 times we fought in the 2 years we dated. And one of those times was because Ben thought I was checking out these two guys when really I was just trying to figure out if they were gay. That was a pleasant night. I am guessing that there is something frustrating about spending time with someone you might want to marry while they spend the whole night looking over at the two guys across the restaurant. But I'm just guessing there. Because of that night we can't eat at Cracker Barrel anymore, which is fine because I don't really like the food, the decor, or the store, so it really wasn't that big of a loss. Now if we had fought at Chipotle, which we both love, we would have had to work through our feelings and just sucked it up and continued to eat there. Because the Guac! And the Burritos! And the hip music! How could we give that up? But as it is we fought at Cracker Barrel and now it's dead to us. Dead.

I've taken on a new strategy for our fights. If I can say a word or a series of words (which I guess would be called a phrase), that Ben doesn't know, then I win. So far I have won three arguments this way. I'm not sure this strategy has staying power though because I am pretty sure that I've used up all the words that I know the meanings to and Ben doesn't. Ben's also taken Greek, and while I think it would be fighting dirty, he could totally trounce me in an argument with that skill. But we have an agreement not to fight dirty, so I am probably safe.

This is now probably the most rambly post ever. I should close and since there is no way to tie all those thoughts together in a closing statement, I will leave you with this. A hot picture of Ben:

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