Monday, July 09, 2007

Because I have too much free time

My mom has been asking me for a while now what my hobby is. When you participate in a get-to-know-you activity people ask what hobbies you enjoy. My facebook page has been begging for me to list some hobby.

Up until recently I've had one of three responses. Stare blankly and drool a little, mutter "umm...sewing?, or just be honest and say I have none. Now! I have picked a hobby!

It's this little blog. I really enjoy it. I enjoy writing and I enjoy people reading my writing. My writing doesn't have to be spectacular to be fun, and a lot of people don't have to read it for me to enjoy it. So this blog - my new hobby.

Hopefully this will mean better posts and a better blog layout as I learn new things. Ben bought me this book for my birthday. There are a lot of interesting ideas in there. I shall try some out.

So watch out! Hopefully things will get more interesting around here!

1 comment:

jason said...

this makes me happy, b/c i enjoy reading your writing...looks like a fun little book too!