Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh Hi There!

This week has been something else! Have you ever flung yourself down a flight of stairs, waving your arms over your head as you ran and screamed "ahhhhhhhhh"? No? Me neither. But that's kind of how this week felt.

It started with the fact that we had a proposal due this week. Well actually it started last week when I put off working on the proposal because "I have all next week!" So work was pretty busy what with the customer meetings and the writing and the editing and rewriting. Not that I did much of it, I just made sure it got done.

Then on the day we traveled to Cleveland for work, Ben woke up with really bad vertigo and couldn't walk straight. It got so bad that he threw up at one point. I knew all of this because of the text messages we were sending each other while I was riding in a car trying hard not to think about brain tumors. Thursday we went to the doctor and they laughed and said "Allergies! They are putting fluid on your inner ear!" So now I am trying hard not to think about the fact that my cats may have to go.

All of this has made me tired and grumpy and yet in spite of all of it, I was able to make some pretty yummy lettuce wraps last night with an impressive peanut sauce. Two words for you. Domestic. Goddess. I also vacuum in heels....

But today is Friday so I am neither cooking, nor saying goodbye to my cats. I am simply enjoying this beautiful weather! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

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