Sunday, July 08, 2007

Leon's Getting Larger*

I realize that I have written a lot of posts about being newly married. Some of you may be getting bored of them but really that's what's happening in my life. You can either keep reading or visit some other blog.

I've come to realize that it's true! You really do put on weight after you are married. I've seen this happen to my friends and now I am experiencing it. Ben and I have been married for 3 weeks. He has put on 15 pounds and I have put on 5. This is good because we both had been sick and lost a lot of weight. Now we are gaining it all back...

It's been interesting getting used to each other's habits. And by that I mean it's been interesting to watch Ben get used to my strange quirks. Like not using a washcloth for more than 1 day for fear of bacteria growing and sleeping with two covers and socks no matter how hot it is. These are just some of the things that make Ben tip his head to the side and go "what?". But it's kind of cute when he does that so I may just start making up quirks....

A friend who recently got married would ask our newly married friends what their biggest struggle was during their first year of marriage. For one set of friends it was playing board games. They got too competitive and I am sure he finally realized that sleeping on the couch with the cat wasn't really worth winning a game of Risk. So they stopped playing them. Another one of our friends didn't answer the question, they just changed the subject and moved on. This always made me wonder what their struggle was, but after having dinner with them I am guessing it may be the food fights the husband tried to start. But that's just a stab in the dark.

So let's take a poll. For those of you out there who are married, what was your biggest struggle in your first year?

*Quick! What's that from?

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Kate McDonald said...

Andi, I have never met you, but I am an old friend of Ben's from Wright State,..I hope you don't think its weird that I read your blog since we don't know each other..but I really like have an amusing way of telling everyday stories. I am glad you share.

As for first year struggles, my hubby and I (we've been married alittle over 2 years now) had our fair share. Although we also both got very competitive with board games (we decided to only play when other 'witnesses' were present *grin*), our biggest difference was how much interaction we both expected to have during the day. I grew up in a house with 7+ people (it fluctuated with foster kids) and my hubby was raised alone with his grandma. So I felt like we never talked...and he felt like it was never quiet! YOu can visit a funny, old blog of mine after we'd been married 8 months or something:

Anyway, we are still working on that whole balance of how much conversation we need during the day..and how much time apart. We also struggled when Shawn was driving... I am the worst back seat driver, ever!

Enjoy your first year! And congrats!