Monday, July 16, 2007

Because Open Letters are Fun!

I know my last post was another open letter, but really this needs to get out in the open. Something needs to be done. Someone needs to say something. That someone is me.

To the people who watched Ratatouille with me last Saturday Night:

What is your problem? Does having kids make you oblivious? Or does your generation have a different form of movie etiquette? I can't figure out why you would do this and why ALL of you seemed to be ok with it. Is it the theater? I'd never been to this theater before so maybe you all love each other more here.... but I hate it.

Why don't you observe the one seat rule? Why must you be all up in my business and sit right next me? When your daughter refused to sit next to Ben, you shouldn't have shushed her and sat there, you should have listened to her and observed the one seat rule. When you were looking for 4 seats together you should have taken the ones on the right. The ones that would have left a seat between your family and me. Instead you chose to sit next to me and eat your dinner! In the theater! Near my arm and my glass of water!

I know the oversized theater chairs give the impression of roominess, but really I could use a little more. Like one seat worth.

I am sure you are a nice person and are a joy to spend time with. But I don't know that. I don't know if you wash your hands after using the restroom or if you tap your foot during a movie. These are things I'd rather not know. When I go watch a movie, I'd like to watch the movie, not whisper to my husband questions about the rudeness of moving right after you sat down. I'd like to follow the plot and not worry about you touching me. I'd like some space.

So next time you see me at the theater, smile and sit one space away from me. Please observe the one space rule. Please.

Your cramped neighbor,

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