Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm sick

You know the kind of sick where you ache all over? Where everything feels sharp? Where even light isn't happy, it's all poky and mean? Where breathing, talking and wearing clothes are painful? Where you can feel your hair growing and it hurts?

That's how I feel. Like crap.

I went into work and realized I should probably work from home when I responded to people asking for more time on their projects with, "Ehh... I don't care." So here I am sitting on my couch watching The Office Season Two and trying to "work".

I become a big baby when I am sick. Last night I told Ben that his fingernails were too hard and they were bothering me. That's how much of a joy I am to be around!

I think I am dying....

1 comment:

deauna said...

ooohhh... you sound like you have Fifths Disease. You should really get it checked out.