Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hot air, Fire, and Fur

Wow. And I thought last week was busy. So much has happened in the last couple of days! I could write several blog posts about it all! But I won't. I'll sum it up.

Friday night Ben and I went to a balloon festival. Have you ever gone to a balloon glow? If you haven't, you should. It makes you feel like a little kid all over again.

Also, try and go to a balloon glow that also incorporates sky divers. Preferably ones that light themselves on fire while falling through the sky. Yes. This festival had all of that. The sky divers jumped out of a plane and lit fireworks attached to them. As if jumping out of a plane wasn't edgy enough, they had to incorporate explosives as well. I wonder who first tried that and how it worked out for them. The fire divers looked like giant lightening bugs falling toward us. It was pretty cool.

Then we had about a bajjion picnics to go to this weekend.

In the midst of all of this Ben's allergies did not go away. Sudafed? Claritin? Nasal spray? Pansies compared to these allergies. Ben has the Chuck Norris of all allergies. On Sunday I realized that something had to be done with the cats. I couldn't keep letting Ben suffer and I am getting tired of driving him around. So Barnum and Bailey were taken to my parent's mini-farm where they can chase mice and birds and bugs to their hearts content.

Sunday we also shampooed the carpets and I was amazed and grossed out over how much stuff we pulled out of these carpets. It again solidifies hardwood floors as my flooring of choice.

It was sad to give them up. I cried. As much of a pain as they were, they were a lot of fun to have around. I know Ben is totally worth much more than the cats, I just doubt I'll ever catch him doing any of these things:

At least I hope not....

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