Monday, November 19, 2007

One step closer to moving

We are back. We talked to about a million people about housing down in Kentucky. We saw 4 rental properties with varying rent prices and quality.

The two bedroom duplex that looked perfect on paper looked dumpy in real-life. I mean really, carpet that is 10 years old should be replaced. Also, olive green CRACKED counter tops should go as well. Dark cabinets, open laundry rooms and weed infested lawns don't advertise well. Even at $425/month it wasn't worth it. MOVING ON!

The next rental property was a three bedroom house that was beautiful! Wood floors, colors on the walls, new carpet, friendly landlord, and a great location. It was renting for about what we pay for a one bedroom apartment in Ohio. Very tempting. But it turns out that in general the jobs in Kentucky pay less than jobs in Ohio so $625/month was out of our price range. Such a bummer!

The next place we looked at was an older two bedroom apartment on the third floor. It had a spacious floor plan, cheap utilities and a great location. The current tenants couldn't say enough about how much they liked it and the landlady. The only downside was that there was no washer and dryer hook-ups which would mean we would have to get rid of ours. The on-site laundry facility was convenient, but not as convenient as having the washer and dryer in your apartment. Although at $400/month it's our best option so far.

The last place we looked was a newer two bedroom apartment that looked like all new apartments around Ohio. It had a nice open floor plan although it was smaller than the other apartment. It did have a dishwasher, which was nice but again no washer and dryer. So for $525/month the older apartment was still the best option.

The trip was good in that we got a good idea of what to expect and what we could afford. I also got some tips on jobs. Hopefully we will have things nailed down soon.

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