Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sounds I love

  • Leaves crunching under my feet. I can't walk between the buildings at my work without stepping on at least one leaf. I look like a crazy who can't walk in a straight line, but the complete fallness of crunching a leaf is worth it.
  • Walking through a city by myself. It's noisy and quiet all at the same time. There are sounds all around but none of them are directed at me, so in the midst of all of the noise there is silence. I kind of image that that's what peace sounds like.
  • Snow under foot. It's unlike any other sound. It's a mix of a zipper, a crunch and a rustle. It reminds me of walks in the snow as a kid.
  • The roar of people at a party. If you take a break from playing Taboo and listen, it's interesting. It's loud and yet you can distinguish individual people's voices. It's a mix of everyone and yet no one is heard alone. It's the sound of community.
  • Rain. It puts me to sleep.

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