Friday, November 02, 2007

Ramblings about cars, babies and stomaches

Well it's back! Woo Hoo! My stomach again has decided to revolt. It's much milder this go around but it still sucks. Also, it's less scary. It's like driving an old car. The first time it breaks down you freak out, because you just know that you are going to die right there on the side of the road. Never mind that it's in the middle of your college campus - you will die. But then you don't. The towing truck man comes and tows your car away and you live and your car lives. So the next time it breaks down you are less likely to think you are going to die, you just worry about walking the 2 miles in the snow in heels. And then the next time it dies the towing guys knows you by name and you brought a book and your all "ehh… it builds character."

That's how these stomach problems feel. I'm not thinking about dying or tumors this time. My attitude is that of an old car owner. It happens, you just have to go with it and maybe jiggling some wires will help. Freaking out will not change anything. You still have to walk those two miles in the snow. Have fun. The only problem with this go around is that anytime I mention that I don't feel well people assume I am pregnant. No one did that a year ago because I would have killed them with my eyes. This year, however, any mention of nausea is received with raised eyebrows and a polite "ohhhhh".

It's not that I hate babies and pregnant women, it's just that I would rather people think I am pregnant when I actually am pregnant. And I'm not. So it's weird and I'm not sure how to handle it.

Also, back to old cars…. Ben and I are thinking about selling one of our cars since my parents have offered to give us their old one. Now Ben has owned exactly 2 cars in his life. Both were newish. I have owned 5 cars in my life and my Miata is the only newish one I've owned. Ben has never experienced the joys of owning a car that doesn't have A/C. Or a car that you can't put the drivers side window down. Or one where you can see the road through the floor boards. Or one where the trunk latch doesn't open so you have you access the trunk by folding the seats down. These are fun, character building cars. I think just for the experience we need to own an older car, although this older car is kind of cheating. It has leather power seats, A/C, and a self-dimming rearview mirror. Also, it's a powder blue Oldsmobile 88. Not only is it an old car, but it's an old car for old people. OH YEAH! We will be pimping it out…

Maybe you could help. Which car should we get rid of? The goal is to decrease debt but still have fun.

A. 2000 Honda CRV. It has 117,000 miles on it but no major problems. We owe about $2,500 on it. The problem is that neither one of us really like this car. It's not very comfortable and Ben is too tall for it. We could sell this one for roughly $6,500

B. 2001 Mazda Miata. It has 58,000 miles on it and no problems. We owe just over $8,000 on this car. We both really like this car and have fun driving it. It's just not good in snow (but we are moving south!) and it's tiny. We could sell this car for roughly $10,500.

We know the financially wise thing would be to sell the Miata. But then we would have two cars that we don't like driving, which doesn't make me happy. What do you think? Which car would you sell?

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