Friday, November 16, 2007

Winter. Finally.

So my license picture looks a little bit like a mug shot, huh?

A couple of days ago the temperature dropped around here. It was in the high 60's which is freaky for Ohio weather in November. It made me feel uneasy. Things weren't right. Which may explain why I woke up feeling all BLAH on Wednesday. I hated my hair, it just hung there and my clothes were all wrong and annoying and no matter how quickly I got ready for work, time marched on even faster. I left the apartment grumpy, late, and hating the day and the cold.

Then it started to snow. Just a light snow flurry, but it was the first snow of winter. And you can't stay mad in the middle of the first snow of winter. You just can't. It starts to feel like the holidays. Christmas is now just around the corner. The blanket of leaves on the ground is about to be replaced by blankets of snow. The first snow is a happy snow.

I got to work and I told the girl who I am training to replace me that it was snowing. She FREAKED OUT. She had never seen snow before. She'd never lived anywhere that had snow. She ran outside and danced around and called her mom to tell her that it was SNOWING!

The rest of us stayed inside but still rejoiced at the falling flakes. Call us crazy, but when you are raised with the snow it's a happy sight. It's creates stories and community (get snowed in somewhere and you will see...). Snow makes winter bearable and we were all happy to see it.

Welcome winter.

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